Check Out The Rochester Farmers Market For Great Local Deals

Rochester farmers market

If you live in a town that provides a weekly famers market during the warmer months of the year, consider yourself lucky. Choosing a farmers market can be a great way to support local businesses and agricultural professionals while also enjoying plenty of options for organic, fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, many farmers markets provide crafts and other handmade goods for shoppers to consider. However, if you are one of the residents of Rochester, you can be treated to a Rochester farmers market that occurs throughout every season of the year. Known as the Rochester public market, this Rochester market is open multiple days during the week with convenient shopping hours for all residents and visitors to the city. What are you planning to do this weekend? Consider visiting the Rochester farmers market to check out all of the local deals and great items that you can purchase every week in this bustling upstate city in New York.

The Rochester farmers market has been a staple within the community for over one hundred years and provides residents with some of the most high quality items available. In addition, the Rochester farmers market is open three days per week including Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Although the market closes at one in the afternoon on Tuesdays and Thursdays, these days of business give residents and visitors the option of skipping the more crowded Saturday market hours, while still giving them the opportunity to purchase the produce and other items that are featured at the Rochester farmers market. Tuesday and Thursday shopping days may also provide more ample parking for the market. In addition, the Rochester farmers market also hosts programs that assist individuals who may be utilizing government assistance, such as food stamps, in shopping for fresh produce at the numerous stands.

The Rochester farmers market also provides residents and visitors with entertainment options throughout the year. The market often hosts live performances, as well as youth and adult tours of the market that occur all throughout the year. Checking out a tour can help individuals understand the history of the market, as well as future developments. There are also special days in which the Rochester farmers market hosts flea markets and garage sales that can help to boost the local economy. If you are interested in planning a visit to the Rochester farmers market, check out the official website.