Four Reasons to Visit a Rochester Public Market More Frequently

Rochester farmers market

Visiting a Rochester public market has many advantages tied to it. For one, you keep money local, where it needs to be. For another, you get better deals. Also, you get to speak with the people in charge and those making these products, and you have the unique chance to, well, buy something entirely unique.

One, a Rochester public market like a Rochester farmers market brings only products available from local vendors. Keeping money tied down in the local Rochester economy is extremely valuable to keep small businesses surviving and thriving, so consider how the products you buy impact local vendors. Buy local produce, baked goods and cheeses, and meats from local vendors at a Rochester market, and watch how the local economy ticks upward slightly with each purchase. Now just imagine if everyone in your community thought this way.

Two, a Rochester public market often sells products and foods that are less expensive than those found on the shelves of your local grocery chain, which is probably in no way local in nature. So you possibly are paying more at the grocery store for foods that were not produced in or near Rochester, or perhaps not even in New York. Consider your purchases and make attempts to visit a Rochester public market once in a while to cut down on your costs and to expand your relationships with local vendors.

Three, a Rochester public market puts you face to face with the people making these products. At a Rochester public market, for instance, you could ask questions of any vendor or manufacturer, asking how they cultivate their crops, whether they use pesticides, and how their processes work. Through establishing these stronger relationships, you could obtain better deals on products and even could be added to an email list to notify you of when new products are expected to arrive. You become closer to your community as well by knowing exactly where the products you use and consume are coming from.

Four, a Rochester public market offers unique items that a national chain store may not. Items usually available at your typical Rochester public market will include crafts that are handmade, meaning they are hardly available anywhere else. Also, local products like honey made in or near the city of Rochester will help to fend off seasonal allergies much more than national honey products or those from California or Florida will.