Heres How Your Heat Pump Operates – Home Improvement Videos

Find out how a heat pump operates. It may be out of pure curiosity, or maybe you’re interested in knowing the mechanism behind it so that it is easy to tell the signs of a problem or repairs need to be made. This video can help you comprehend how the heat pump works.

The outdoor and indoor parts of a heat pump are connected with a refrigerant. The two components work against one another in winter, and in the summer. In winter, the pump outside pulls warm air from outside , and then passes it through in the refrigeration unit. The compressor inside boosts the temperature further. The pump then works to bring the warm air to your house through the indoor unit.

The inside pump draws the warmer air from the house in summer, when it’s much hotter. Then, it circulates warm air around the evaporator coils to cool. The cool air is sent to the refrigerant unit for further compressed cooling and returned to the home to reduce the temperature. It’s essential to be sure that your heat pump is running properly, particularly during colder seasons. pp8ctfs6zo.