How Concrete Companies Batch Their Orders – Loyalty Driver

You may order the supplies needed for your project, and have it delivered at your work site to workers who then pour it. It is a great technique for their workers as it reduces the time spent on working on the road in between tasks.

It helps to avoid having to think about coordinating delivery times around other projects or clients requirements. They get what they need when they need they need it, without having to keep track of several orders. For more details, refer to the following video. The method is like this:

Concrete is then poured onto an unloader truck and then transported to the jobsite. A mixer that is on wheels mixes together all the components which make concrete. The mixer then gets placed on a truck to be taken to another job site. The mixer will then be transported on a vehicle and transported to a different job site. Another truck will be loaded with cement, water, and the other ingredients needed to create an additional batch of concrete (aggregates) and will then be returned to the mixer it was using in the past! Get in touch with your local home office for further details! vdpltwe699.