How Glitter Closed Indias Largest Scam Centers – Legal Videos

They will extort you and me out of our money. These companies are difficult to eliminate due to how being closely linked to the law enforcement authorities. One man decided to begin a quest to take them down. It is likely that they will shut down if he succeeds, and may even require bail bonds once the situation has occurred. The video below will explain what could happen.

Mark Rober was the genius behind the glitter bomb. The design of the glitter bomb was for pranking porch pirates. It is now planned to utilize the package at scam centres. The video shows him mailing it to the scam centre, where he opens the package. Then, to their delight, glitter and sprays of fart go all over the place. With panicked faces, they decided to throw it in the trash. They were even more panicked after they realized Mark Rober and his friends gained access to their chatroom and discovered the identity of 50,000 fraudsters. This created an effect of ripples that led to all the major scam centers in India was shut down for several days as a result of one glitter bomb. The result was that millions of dollars were secure from fraudsters.