How to Add a World to Your Bedrock Edition Server – On Top Web Search

The rver supports external worlds that can be downloaded on the internet through realms, or from the single-player version. Uploading new worlds could be challenging for those who aren’t familiar with bedrock server hosting. Users must ensure that they’ve created the server in Bedrock Edition before adding a world. This is done as follows:

As stated by the voice of the narrator on the video, players who are looking to download worlds online ought to download them from reliable websites. Once the world has been downloaded, players should transfer the file to a separate folder and then extract it. In order to upload the world file, the first thing players should take is to stop their server. In order to access the file that was downloaded, players need to first unplug their servers.

Next, they will need to transfer the entire globe into “/worlds” which is the directory in the folder manager. Next, the player should take a few minutes for the world to upload. In the end, the player needs to verify that all the files within the folder have been uploaded in order that the world can function to prevent the game from malfunctioning.