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This can lead to a variety of chronic ailments and can weaken your immune system. It can lead to problems with the jaw joint. A compromised immune system also creates autoimmune diseases like osteoporosis for women. These conditions are more common for pregnant women and may impact the health of their babies.

Research shows that emergency and unexpected dental procedures can result in schools to close for 34 million hours. In addition, the U.S is also losing an estimated $45 billion of productivity due to the untreated health issues among working-class adults. This problem shows the critical aspect of oral health and underscores the necessity for an excellent dental hygiene.

The development of cavities begins at least four years old. When they reach eight, over 55% of children have had at least one tooth cavity. Poor dental hygiene is responsible for the most dangerous conditions, including severe gum disease and loss of tooth. The majority of adult suffer from one or all of these diseases throughout their lives.

In the world, as many as 3.5 million people are affected by oral disease. Note that this is about 50percent of the world’s populace. An estimated 530 million children suffer from tooth decay or other issues associated with their gums. There are also between 300 and 700 new cases of oral cancer each year.

Maintaining a healthy and clean mouth is the best way to prevent for oral diseases and helps prevent many complications. It improves social interactions as well as increases the likelihood of finding employment.

How to Clean Your Teeth at home, just like a dentist

Dental cleaning is an easy process that can take just five minutes daily. Utilizing the appropriate equipment, this procedure can ensure that you have optimal oral health throughout the course of your life.


While your teeth are clean and take care of most of the heavy lifting, flossing will help to clean the hard-to-access areas. It can be difficult to enter gaps between your teeth while you floss. This process helps o get rid of food particles along the gum line and between the teeth. This also