How to Prevent Soil Erosion – DIY Home Ideas

The authors discuss soil erosion, ways it could be avoided and what to do about this In “P The Erosion of Soils” Water, wind, and tillage may cause soil erosion. This removes fertile soil top layers that are necessary to plant food or other plants. It can cause flooding and landslides and soil pollution. The soil is unable to adapt to the environment and it could take more than 1,000 years to produce new soil. Poor plant management practices contribute to soil erosion.

Farmers and consumers can adopt the sustainable methods for soil management to stop this pattern. It is the process of the rotation of huge amounts of crops such as corn, hay and other grains to reduce erosion. Conservation tillage involves using techniques to make more soil for crops to be protected. The planting of crops in rows along hills prevents water from entering and runoff, and strip farming for sloping the land is proven to work.

Plants can be grown within your garden. Children will learn that soil is important when growing food. Many farmers cultivate plants on hills by creating terraces or pathways. Other methods that help with soil erosion are using compost as well as mulch around plants. xbrjabeem8.