Install Any Roof with These 5 Steps – Family Tree Websites

f work. Making your own roof shingles may seem like a daunting task. Many people prefer to work with a roofing professional until they’re familiar with small surfaces such as the porch and sheds. Shingles aren’t difficult to learn to master. It will take some repetition. This video will show you five steps for the roofing shingling process. Within a matter of minutes, you will be able perform your roof repair or installation yourself.

In the beginning, connect the drip edge onto your roof. To stop the water from leaking off of exterior walls the drip edge should be just a half inch off the roof’s side. Then, attach felt paper onto the roof’s entire surface. The felt paper helps the roof and shingles to move independently, while also absorbing condensation to prevent decay. Finally, you will want to nail down the shingles themselves over the felt. The shingles should be overlapping by six horizontally and five inches overlapping over each other. What you will see is the space between the shingles. You can repeat this procedure for as many times as you want in a row, and the next time you’re done.