Installation of a LED Video Wall for a Church – 1776 The Musical

There are a myriad of cutting-edge digital signage options, LED technology is a modern and commanding way to attract attention to your company or communicate your message. Many churches make use of LED video walls for their services. Here’s more info.

LED is an abbreviation that means light-emitting device. It describes a semiconductor-based light source. This type of technology can be called “direct display LED”.

Flat-panel displays includes tiny lightbulbs that emit colored lights to create the full-color pixels needed to create an image. The technology of LED has become more accessible over the last couple of years, making it more easily accessible to an array of businesses and uses.

It is possible to use LED panels without bezels to make the appearance of a wall for video. Because they are modular, your wall can be the dimensions of your typical television or even the screen of a film. Additionally, they are able to be curved and fashioned into different shapes or even transparent. These walls make a great backdrop for services at church. That is why seeing an altar in a church is quite common. tcqi5ldwch.