Most Unique Basement Remodeling Ever! – Family Game Night

You can use ed for nothing but storage. Instead, put that square footage to good usage. There are a lot of innovative basement transformation ideas. Basements can be turned into a space for play such as a man’s room as well as a gaming room bars, movie theater or bar. In this video, we will learn about one family who transformed their basement into a dream living area.

First floor: the home is stunning with a an elegant white design. It’s not anything unusual. However, the fireplace can be opened and reveal an undiscovered entrance to the basement. This isn’t just any hidden way to get in. This slide is of golden colour. There are many features to delight in after sliding into the basement. One of the unique features is the indoor play area that keeps all kids happy. There is also the yoga area and a children’s playhouse. There are bunk beds available for kids. The fun doesn’t end at that point. There is a small theater with comfortable seating and lights. It is easy to imagine that this basement can be a child’s wish come true. You can make your basement a dream by a small amount of remodeling.