Rochester Farmers Market

Rochester market

As more people become concerned about their health and foods they eat, local produce markets increase in popularity. A Rochester market is a place where local farmers and growers come together to sell their produce. Food grown locally is healthier than food shipped across the country or overseas. Produce sold at a Rochester farmers market contain no preservatives or additives. Avoiding GMO foods and chemicals found in foods to keep them from spoiling is a way to stay away from certain health problems. The internet provides information about a Rochester market that is useful for people who want to be a par to supporting local farmers and growers.

Farmers and growers involved in the Rochester market are members of the Rochester Downtown Farmers market Association. The mission of these farmers involves supporting local sustainable agriculture to benefit people living in the area. Quality farm products grown and sold locally strengthen the market and the local community. Families purchase produce from the Rochester farmers market at affordable prices. The Rochester Downtown Farmers Market Association is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization that has a mission of bringing the community together. Schedules and locations for the farmers market provided by blogs and other websites online make it convenient for people to make plans to attend.

Information about the Rochester public market online includes videos and stories written by people who have attended the market in the past. Free parking within a one black radius of the market includes 450 parking spaces. Some street parking made available for people who want to attend the Rochester farmers market is convenient. The Rochester market is open on every Tuesday. Vacationers and travelers in this area should attend the farmers market to take advantage of the quality produce and products made available by local growers. Attending the Rochester market is a way to support local business owners and the community.