Ten Expert Tips for Your Teeth – UNM Continuing Education

eir teeth on events, but keeping the health and appearance of your teeth should be a regular task. If you pay no attention on occasion you’ll be susceptible to gingivitis, cavities and many more. In this video, you will learn some helpful tips from dental professionals to help keep your teeth clean and healthy all day long.

One of the first tips is to get a dental check up every six months. A dentist will give you an extensive cleaning to remove plaque from your teeth. The dentist will also check the baseline health of your mouth to make sure there isn’t anything special you need to be doing. They will inspect the teeth for signs of viral infection teeth, cavities, inflammation as well as detect the indications for oral cancer.

The second recommendation is to clean and floss your teeth two times each day, all day. In addition to these two basic requirements most people are familiar with, you should also use an oral wash as well as a tongue cleanser. This will help ensure that every trace of bacteria is eliminated from your mouth and your breath will be fresh.

For more helpful tips and suggestions from the pros check out the video at the link below.