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Rochester ny web design

For businesses in and around the city of Rochester web development could be the thing that they need in order to attract more website traffic. Rather than just go with what appears to be a run of the mill Rochester web development firm, companies should make sure that they find someone who can offer them more than one kind of service. One thing that a top Rochester web design firm should also be able to provide is high quality email hosting.

The roots of the internet were planted a long time ago. Even some of the tricks that the top Rochester web development firm today could use were in place when the first ARPANET email was delivered back in 1971. ARPANET is generally considered to be toe forerunner of the internet, as it defined the initial protocols that would allow for dissimilar computers to swap messages. The ideal Rochester web development company could help today by providing email accounts to their clients, in addition to incredible webpage designs.

Working with a Rochester web development company that can also provide state of the art email hosting could be a perfect way for people to save time and money. The right email hosting accounts can provide a generous amount of storage for each individual mailbox. Most solutions however are scalable, which means that one can add more storage capacity as their business grows!

With a Rochester web development that has experience in email, people can also avoid spam. Spam has been a thorn in peoples sides for a very long time. The first recorded spam email was created on May 3, 1978, and was intended to promote a new computer system. It was delivered to 600 ARPANET users whose addresses had been typed in manually from a document. Today, a company with 1,000 employees may spend up to $3 million a year trying to manage and stop spam.

As the top Rochester web development can tell their clients, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 92 percent of adults online use email. Along with search, this makes it one of the two most popular online activities. Hooking up with a Rochester web development firm that can also provide email hosting could give anyone an affordable and easy way to keep in touch with clients and partners. Research more here:

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