The Public Market is the Most Beloved Rochester Farmers Market in Town!

Rochester farmers market

The Rochester Public Market is one of the great treasures of the city. Since 1905, this beloved Rochester market has been been serving the community as part of the Department of Recreation and Youth Services. At this phenomenal Rochester farmers market, vendors sell fresh and organic produce, ethnic treats, flowers, jewelry, spices, and much, much more.

The Rochester public market, which is the most popular Rochester farmers market in town, is open 52 weeks per year. Hours of operation are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 AM to 1 PM and Saturdays from 5 AM to 3 PM. The public Rochester farmers market is very easy to get to. It is located at 280 North Union St., just three blocks north of East Main Street downtown.

It is not very hard to find parking at this amazing Rochester framers market, but of course, the best spaces go to those who get there earliest. Free parking lots are located at Railroad street and across from the Union Street Market gates. So too is there on street parking in the Market District and Marketview Heights neighborhoods. You can also park in a paid lot when going to the Public Rochester farmers market if you so choose.

Many people love going to the Public Rochester farmers market just to hang out and people watch. There are people there from all walks of life walking around and enjoying the atmosphere. The Public Rochester farmers market is also a favorite location for an eclectic weekend brunch of Polish food, Chilean empanadas, Mexican delights, BBQ, pastry, muffins, and cheeses. Recently, food trucks have been allowed on Railroad Street. These have become very popular with visitors to the market.

You cannot go wrong visiting the Rochester public market, the most beloved Rochester farmers market there is. Going to the public market makes for a delightful Saturday outing. Spending time there is a terrific activity for people of all ages.