This is Why You Need Auto Insurance – Finance Video

it. You can find excellent auto as well as home insurance choices. This video will explain the steps to take if you’re vehicle insurance isn’t in good condition.

In this episode of The Dave Ramsey Show In this episode of The Dave Ramsey Show, one caller mentions that she lost her vehicle recently. In the episode, the Toyota Camry 2007 was stolen at a cost of $6,000 But, the poor woman had no vehicle insurance for theft. The lady had attempted to contact her insurance company, however they told her that she wouldn’t have a cent for the missing car. Insurance for autos is vital. This insurance must also cover the theft. The contents of the car is covered under homeowners or renters’ insurance. She can only save money for a brand new vehicle. There is a chance she’ll need to borrow her mother’s vehicle in the between. Last but not least, Dave makes one final suggestion. Dave recommends paying the cash for a vehicle when purchasing. As interest can be charged for any loan or any credit-based payments. If you pay with credit, a $3,000 car may become worth $5,000 in several months.