Understanding Canada Geese – Maine’s Finest

Want to know more about Canada geese

Animal Fact Files says that Canada geese are found throughout the globe. There are plenty of them throughout North America and Europe. It is possible to see them in flight over Asia as well as Australia.

These geese are game birdswhich means that they’re hunted. They have a restricted hunting seasons. It is only possible to hunt within a particular hunting season every year.

Canada geese will use honking and flapping their wings as a defense technique. These defense strategies are used to ward off predators. Coyotes and foxes are two examples of the predators who will hunt them down.

Geese usually go north at breeding time. That’s why we witness the huge movement of birds each year. The baby goose is likely to leave the nest once the baby is born. They will often stay with their parents or other parents in the vicinity after they have left their nests.