What Is a C14 Power Cord? – Sales Planet

We can watch our TVs on. Our data is stored within a safe environment. There are a few things you need to be aware of regarding the c14 power cord when you’re in the market.

Cables and power cords usually color-coded to aid in identifying many cords. This is especially helpful in the event that you’re dealing with multiple cords , each with its own purpose. This is also useful in the home, where there could be lots of wires. Do not want to pull out the wrong thing and accidentally loss important data.

Larger servers are color-coded using these cables. These cables come in red, blue, white, and even green. All of them have great contrast. You can instantly identify which one will be used for what purpose. You can rest assured that both your personal as well as office information will be protected with the C14 and c19 connectors.

Check out this video to understand a little bit more about cords, and how they work. These cords will make your management much simpler. Check for c14 cables when you’re in the market to buy new cables for the workplace or in the home.