Why Buy Locally?

Rochester market

We all know the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and trying to incorporate them into every meal, but did you know how to make your choices even healthier? Check out a local farm stand or farmers market, like the Rochester farmers market. In addition to boosting your own local economy and bringing a little rural charm into your urban area, there are plenty of other reasons for buying your fruits and vegetables locally from places like the Rochester public market.

First and foremost, the produce from urban public markets (like the Rochester market) does not have to travel too far. This means that produce from the Rochester market is fresher and less likely to have any added preservatives to lengthen its shelf life. In fact, some produce may have just been picked a few hours prior to you purchasing it. Rochester market produce is also less likely to be smothered in the wax that the grocery stores use to beautify their produce. Second, you can get first hand information directly from the grower! Want to know if that squash is organic, or have a question about how long those brussel sprouts will last in your fridge? Ask the person whose hands harvested that produce! Last but certainly not least, the produce, baked goods, fresh flowers, and so forth from the Rochester market are very budget friendly. You can spend up to fifty percent less (if not more) compared with what you could spend in the grocery store.

Because of all of these benefits, many cities have public farmers markets for its inhabitants. Coast to coast, north to south, from Portland to New York Citys Union Square, public markets provide a fun alternative to the typically mundane grocery shopping experience. The Rochester market, for example, has been a beloved Rochester staple for more than 100 years. What do you do if you do not have a local farmers market akin to the Rochester market? Drive a few miles out of town and you will likely stumble upon a farm stand or two!