Wrenches for Professional Plumbers – Gerald Parks Memorial Foundation

They are able to visit their clients’ houses.

Plumbers are often required to reach bolts, nuts, or pipes in hard-to-reach areas underneath sinks. The Basin Wrench has an adjustable head, which gives plumbers space to rotate the wrench. Many come with an attachment which lights in the dark.

These days, faucets have been designed to be much friendlier to homeowners so that they can acquire the plumbing that they require without using modular equipment. Brass nuts are being replaced by plastic nuts that could fracture under the pressure exerted by conventional Basin wrenches.

The new modular wrench allows for more flexibility in tight areas and better handling of plastic nuts. It’s like a pepper grinder and can use any size nuts in the home.

For the pipe closest to the sinks, you will need three types of wrench. However, it’s very helpful to own a modular wrench for odd bolts and nuts. Follow the link above for additional information on plumbing tools expert plumbers keep with them.